Pittman Guitar Repair


243 Amory St
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
(617) 733-9911

Pittman Guitar Repair is in the Coolidge Corner section of


Getting there:

By public transportation, the shop is easily accessible from the B & C trains on the Green line or the 66 bus. 

If you drive, there is plenty of free parking on the street outside the shop. 

After making an appointment, please call 1 hour before arrival. 

How To Tune Your Guitar -- The Easy Way

Tuning Guitars. Learning to tune a guitar is the first thing that a person should know before learning to play the guitar. The process of tuning a guitar is not hard and you will practice how to tune every time you are practicing playing the guitar. 

Below is a basic guide on how to tune a guitar.

The first step is knowing which not each string on the guitar plays. You can notice that there are two E strings on a standard six-string guitar. The bottom E is the thickest string while top E is the thinnest string.

The second step is knowing the tuning keys and the strings they correspond with. Know how to make them looser and tighter, but be careful because the string can break. 

The guitar should then be laid on the lap for a more comfortable playing position. The first string you are going to tune is the bottom-E string, which will also be the reference. 

Tune the guitar until you get the desired pitch. The A string is the next to be tuned. Make sure you compare it with the reference string to ensure it is simultaneous. Tune the rest of the strings ensuring they are all simultaneous.

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