Pittman Guitar Repair


243 Amory St
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
(617) 733-9911

Pittman Guitar Repair is in the Coolidge Corner section of


Getting there:

By public transportation, the shop is easily accessible from the B & C trains on the Green line or the 66 bus. 

If you drive, there is plenty of free parking on the street outside the shop. 

After making an appointment, please call 1 hour before arrival. 

How To Tune Your Guitar -- The Easy Way

Tuning Guitars. Learning to tune a guitar is the first thing that a person should know before learning to play the guitar. The process of tuning a guitar is not hard and you will practice how to tune every time you are practicing playing the guitar. 

Below is a basic guide on how to tune a guitar.


Luthier -- A Lost Art

If you're wondering what a guitar luthier is, the only thing you need to know is that a luthier is a craftsman who makes stringed instruments. 

So, essentially, when you say the words “guitar luthier”, you're referring to a craftsman who specializes in guitars. 

 That being said, you might be wondering if there are still guitar luthiers around when there are machines for making guitars.


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