Pittman Guitar Repair


243 Amory St
Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
(617) 733-9911

Pittman Guitar Repair is in the Coolidge Corner section of


Getting there:

By public transportation, the shop is easily accessible from the B & C trains on the Green line or the 66 bus. 

If you drive, there is plenty of free parking on the street outside the shop. 

After making an appointment, please call 1 hour before arrival. 

Pittman Guitar Repair is closing it's doors. I would like to thank all my clients for very successful and happy years of service. I also thank all that have visited the website and found it informative. I plan to keep the website going to share what I have learned. Who knows, maybe over the next several months, I will add even more pictures to the site. I have a few hundred that I never got around to posting.

If you are looking for a highly qualified repair person in the Boston area, I suggest contacting DJ Parsons in Watertown.  You can contact him by email or phone (617) 858-4083  

Also, check out my member page on the New England Luthiers new website.

Bob Pittman
Member of:
New England Luthiers
Association of Stringed Instrument Artisans (A.S.I.A.)
Guild of American Luthiers

"Bob just recently completed working on my old Strat.  This thing was bought in London by an old buddy back in the 80s.  I got this guitar in a trade and used it on stage for about 10 years.  Then I let it sit for about 5 years while I played other guitars.  I had made some of my own customizations (like the hot rail pup in the lead position).  (Someone had already dropped a humbucker in the middle position.)   Anyway, this thing was a sweat covered, rusty piece of crap until Bob gave it some serious TLC.  He "quieted the beast" by foil wrapping the cavities etc.  He ordered and installed new tuners, new bridge, new switch, new pick guard and a new jack.  All black of course!  Then he set it up for some serious rock. 

After the first time I cranked it through my Marshall in rehearsal, the boys were like "that guitar sounds awesome"!  Let me tell you that it plays like a dream!
Throughout the whole process, Bob was great.  He suggested many things that I had not considered.  His suggested set ups on the wiring were perfect.  All his communications were clear and responsive.  All this while I'm living in Washington, DC!

This guitar went from being my number 5 guitar to my number 2.  (The flying V is still my favorite)  Bob will be staring work on my Les Paul after our next gig.  I can't thank him enough."

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